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Sunday, November 30, 2008

New year. New PC

I'm thinking of retiring my trusty 17" laptop as my main PC and going quad core.I want to do it on the cheap, so was thinking of building from parts for hopefully arounf £400 and adding this monitor, or this TV/monitor. The screens are made by the same company and look very much the same except the TV version has extra inputs and a TV tuner. I wonder if anyone has this TV connected to a PC and can comment?

I don't play graphic-intensive games so can get away with a basic graphics card.

I want the quad cores to try out more parallel programming. I have a VCD to toggle count program that reads a large VCD file . I would like to work out how to accurately do this on the four cores and see how close to linear speed-up I can get. Our regression simulations at work leave behind approximately 20K simulation logs and coverage databases - I'm starting to think of ways of data-mining them which would be aided by parallel processing (most of works compute farm PC's have between 8 and 16 cores).

Priority would go to getting a little X-at-a-time script moved from bash to Python. Given a list of jobs to do - one per line in a file; the original bash script will execute X of them in the background, starting more, when others finish.

So, if you have any ideas of cheap bundles for creating quad-core PC's (In the UK), fire away :-)

- Paddy,


  1. If you want people to make sensible comments, try using the model number as the link text instead of forcing them to follow a link. I still don't know what TV you are talking about because I didn't want to fire up my browser, and I read your blog in Thunderbird.

  2. Hi Steve,
    The Monitor is the HannsG HG281DJ 28'' Widescreen LCD HDMI Monitor. The TV is the HANNspree HT09.

    - Paddy.



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