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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Tech Issues For The Euro Elections

Elections for members of the European Parliament are href=""
target="_blank">coming up soon. At the moment, it
seems certain companies are lobbying to have href="">software
 extended into Europe which is something I
don't agree with, as on algorithms - how can you distinguish between
the maths and the code? On something like look-and-feel of a GUI - how
can you distinguish between the idea and its implementation? If you see
that person A used a pinching motion of the fingers to
zoom-out centered on the pinch then I don't think that should stop
person B from coding his own implementation using different code. I do
think that the screen technology that allows a particular
implementation of multi-touch should be patentable however.

There is another tech issue that I need to talk to prospective
candidates about: their stance on href=""
target="_blank"> ODF vs OOX ML, and more widely:
their stance on the promotion of the use of open style="text-decoration: underline;">standards
within government.

Can't think of any more tech issues at the moment but if you can think
of any...

P.S. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me,...

1 comment:

  1. You can bet who has chance to win (on the long time): who makes Money. There will be time when the only way to get our rights back will be a Civil War. However it is not a it-is-black-or-white problem; gray shades exist, and it is inside the darkest shades that we are losing pieces of Democracy (if it ever existed)



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