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Sunday, November 03, 2013

I have a book for review.

This is new to me. A publisher put out a request for reviewers and I thought I would give it a go. "Python in Practice" by Mark Summerfield has arrived.

 I get a book, which is nice. I get to try my hand at writing a book review - new experience, always welcome. But, best of all, someone thinks I'm worth giving the opportunity. (Although they did say they are in humanities when they stated that my blog looked "suitably technical"). Oh well ... :-)

I'm gonna get a smartphone! And I'm gonna run Python on it!

I get by with my company mobile and serious WiFi at home from Virgin: 120Mbs which is fast for the UK. Although our two teenage kids young adults have had (and lost) smartphones for years, I have not succumbed until yesterday when I put in an order for the Nexus 5.

Hell, I haven't worked out if I will have to carry two mobiles or what carrier deal to go for, but I have been watching the market for a while and think I have made the right choice of phone.

From present use of gadgets I think I want to be able to:

  1. Read books.
  2. Do admin tasks for Rosetta Code whilst out and about.
  3. Capture code notes and snippets. I often write Python snippets with the core of an idea that I later expand. I am not thinking of doing nights of development on the Nexus 5, but I do  want to be able to edit and run some code, or, cut-n-paste fifty lines of code from the web and run it on my phone to answer a Stack Overflow question.
  4. Use that pedometer function of Android KitKat as I sit for too long :-)
  5. Create a WiFi hotspot in the car for those long journeys with family where everyone has either a laptop and/or tablet; and the teenagers would rather use daddy's WiFi than expend their pay-as-you-go credit.
I have a script I wrote on my PC that uses wget to download pages from Rosetta Code then a Python program to search for new pages and display them on a browser as well as prompt me if the page should be deleted and the user blocked if they are spamming. The Python creates a script for iMacros which then deletes pages/blocks users as requested.
It is a lot of functionality to duplicate on Android, but I'll probably give it a go sometime. If you know of anything that could help/substitute for things like wget and iMacros that works on Android then please add to the comments, but I should stress that I haven't started looking myself as yet.


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