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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Smartphone Programming, Compare and Contrast

Do you still want that Ipad?


  1. If/when the device proves to be a success that won't matter. A strong userbase will be an incentive enticing enough for many developers even if they had to sacrifice a bit of freedom to get to the lucrative market.

    Of course one can always hope that more open alternative will prevail. I think that's up to the market, not developers, to decide, however.

  2. Android scripting is for scripting not for application development. Does anyone really want to do S60 development these days?

  3. Yup, and I'm typing this comment from an iPad.

  4. A lot of people fed their interest in computing through programming portable devices: calculators, Psion's series 3, PDA's etc. Will there even be a scripting language for the Ipad?

    Why the artificial barrier to Python on the Ipad? Open Source should be able to provide a large amount of applications for the Ipad but is being hamstrung by these rules on languages.

    - Paddy.

  5. The market determines it and the market is on Apples side at the moment.

  6. And you didn't mention Maemo and N900 (Nokia): there you can use Python+Qt!!

  7. N900 should be beyond all in terms programming capabilities. OK, it's 10 times slower than my laptop, but simulates my Linux very closely.



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