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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Psycho re-run

I don't normally use Psycho, and did not have it installed with my python2.4 installation. Whilst searching for something else however, I came across this simple language speed comparison: Ruby, Io, PHP, Python, Lua, Java, Haskell, and Plain C Fractal Benchmark by Erik Wrenholt and wondered...

So, twenty minutes later I had installed Psycho and with the addition of an inserted line three to Eriks example of:

import psyco; psyco.full()

The run time went down from 4.6 to 1 second.

The exercise was really to remind me that Psycho is available.


  1. hmm, i know for psycho, but i never used it. Maybe because my projects in python don't matter the speed so much.

  2. With psyco, performance of the graphics filters in pyl ( improves by over 7000%. Of course, to get that kind of improvement, one has to code to psyco's strengths.



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