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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An Open Letter to the Blogspot Team

Your editors for creating new posts and especially for creating comments just are not good enough!

As a programmer I have to use external programs to highlight the syntax of code for a new post which is bad, but the list of usable tags in a comment field is so small that I am reduced to writing a program to parse indented code and spit out something that will look merely OK.

Contrast Blogger editing with this which is available on Wikipedia.

Blogger, catch up!

- Paddy.


  1. Hi Paddy,

    you should be able to get this working on your blog for syntax hilighting.

    It's all javascript so you can add it you your blogger template.


  2. Doh, just saw your nick on the syntaxhilighter discussion page so I guess you already know about it :)

  3. Sorry to say but as much as I want to like blogger because it's Google, I don't it's far too restrictive, even for my wife… and she works in sales. *I kid I kid* but seriously, how many years has it been? Google should have cooled up Blogger a whole bunch by now, but it's still crud.



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