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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear Americans

Please vote for Obama.

Whoever you vote for - our British Prime Minister has to suck-up to support, and it has been painful, as a Brit, watching what our elected government has had to do these past few years. Unlike the French or the Germans, we have had to go along with so many of your current administrations schemes, and so have been seen as no more than a lickspittle.

It is time to make America great again! (We Brits can't stand the reflected ridicule).

P.S. The obligatory Python angle: If you are going to vote electronically, then use Open Source tools such as pvote.


  1. Why vote for Obama, seriously?

    If you're successful, you'll be punished (remember he said he'd redistribute the wealth).

    I'm fairly certain he'd be the most inexperienced president the country has ever seen since Washington.

    There really isn't much to vote for, tbh. But I'd lean towards someone who is closer to Libertarian than Communist.

    And thanks for another political post for a technical feed.

  2. All life is politics.
    Excessive inequality leads to unrest.
    From Bush to Palin. Are you sure you thought about that inexperience thing?
    And the Python angle: Which candidate would be most likely to support open-source electronic voting?

    - Paddy.

  3. Really, having foreigners wanting Americans to vote for Obama makes me like him even less. The way rest of the world is governed is not how I think the US should be covered, so if the world likes the candidate, it means he probably isn't the one who's right for the US.

    I don't care about any of Obama's personal qualities, or associations, or experience level (even though I like none of them). I have a problem with his policies. I want a small government that exists to provide for basic needs and keeps out of peoples lives, business dealings, and pockets. Obama is for none of that. Our great (yes I am not ashamed to say that) country was founded on those principles, and its a shame that even with the Republicans in power we weren't able to get back to them. With Obama and a Democrat congress there is even less of a chance.

    Oh, and please keep the politics off the technical feed.

  4. Dear non-Americans:

    Please mind your own business and stay out of our election business. While you have no business telling us to vote for specific candidates, please feel free to debate _issues_ which are relevant to our politics - preferably on a non-technical feed.

  5. Lateef -

    It's really not that hard to understand that by shifting a hugely disproportionate tax burden to the wealthy there will be very little startup capital for new businesses, and what little credit is left will be stretched thin.

    Obama has very dubious associates. Research his early college and political careers. Endorsements from Hamas and Chavez, too.

    McCain hasn't been leading a racist campaign in the least. I believe that people are seeing what they want to see, and for some reason, they want to see McCain fail. I'd like to notice that you're the one who brought race into the discussion, not anyone else. Guess what: it's not "cool" to be Republican anymore, just like it's not cool to be fiscally responsible, intelligent, hard-working, or married (as a side note, I support gay marriage).

    Obama, may I remind you, is the #1 recipient of Fannie/Freddie contributions, and our good friends the democrats were responsible for the whole subcrime crisis that kicked off the current situation we're in (yes, unfortunately Democrats WILL deregulate, but only for the wrong reasons; only if it gives them the warm fuzzy feeling of political correctness).

    And yeah, keep politics off of planet python please.

  6. "Please mind your own business and stay out of our election business."

    I've stated how your President affects Brits in the blog. Calm down.

    America has a foreign policy - go look for it, (its probably somewhere next to your passport ;-) America does not exist in a vacuum, and I'd rather a President who's foreign policy won't be to stick the boot in those who annoy him ASAP. Foreigners can be very annoying at times and its best to at least listen to your friends before sending in the military.

    As for the sharing of the wealth. I was shocked at how your current President treated his "fellow Americans" after Katrina. I'd have thought that his party would be un-electable after that.

    Oh, this is a blog not a TV channel, but here's some support for McCain that I might possibly endorse.



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