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Thursday, January 22, 2009

DVClub yah!

I attended the second (as well as the first), meeting of the Bristol chapter of DVClub yesterday.

This is a meeting, organised by and for Verification Engineers.
Held at a local company (my workplace this time around - Infineon
), it is a lunchtime meeting of approximately 55 engineers
this time and the subject for the day was Formal Verification (of

Once we all were seated, I couldn't help getting a feeling of
'belonging'. It isn't often you get to meet local engineers working in
similar fields to yourself. Mike Bartley, the organiser kept the event
on schedule, and the speakers knew their stuff. A question of
mine, lead to an interesting conversation with Douglas Fisher who is a
verification specialist at Synopsys - it's a rare opportunity when you
get to swap ideas with a developer from an EDA company so I must
thank DVClub and its Bristol members for a well organised gig.

Links to presented papers

Mike Bartley has all the presented papers available on his company's site for the Bristol Branch of the BCS

- Paddy.

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