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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

More Words From Hex Letters (with extra zero's)

STOP PRESS! Someone commented that zeros could be used as ones so an update is at the bottom.

It was pointed out to me that I needn't restrict myself to four character words, and could use the number '1' as letter 'l', and the number '5' as the letter 'S'.

So here is the program and output of words of four or more characters that can be made from hexadecimal characters.

import urllib

words = urllib.urlopen(''
#len(words) == 25104

def findwords(hexchars):
hexchars = set(hexchars)
hexwords = [w for w in words if 4 <= len(w) and all(ch in hexchars for ch in w)]
return hexwords

def printwords(hexwords):
for i in range(0, len(hexwords), 5):
print (' ' + ' '.join("%-8s" % w for w in hexwords[i:i+5]))

hexchars = 'abcdef'
#hexwords = findwords(hexchars)
#print "\nHEXWORDS"

# Now to use one: 1 as ell: l; and five: 5 as ess: s
hexwords = findwords(hexchars + 'ls')
hexwords = [word.replace('s','5').replace('l','1') for word in hexwords]
print "\nHEXWORDS USING one: 1 AS ell: l; AND five: 5 AS ess: s"

The list of words found have some gems, such as babble, for when you know your generating data that no one will read; baffle, baseball, blab, bleed, bless, (and blessed if it were in the dictionary), cabal, cascade, cease, debacle, decade, decease, (and should have deceased), false, flee, label, ...

(Someone at work suggested we use 1abe1 or label to prefix a section of writes to a peripheral in an assembler prog which got me going).

The words:

HEXWORDS USING one: 1 AS ell: l; AND five: 5 AS ess: s
aaa5 ababa aba5e abba5 abbe
abed abe1 ab1e ab5ce55 accede
acce55 added add1e ade1e affab1e
a1ba a1ec a1fa1fa a11e1e a55e55
babb1e babe babe1 bade baff1e
ba1d ba1e ba11 ba11ad ba11ed
ba15a ba5a1 ba5e ba5eba11 ba5e1
ba55 bead bead1e beebe beef
befa11 befe11 be1a be11 be11a
be11e be55 be55e1 b1ab b1ade
b1ed b1eed b1e55 caba1 cab1e
cafe ca1eb ca1f ca11 ca11a
ca5cade ca5e cea5e cede ce1ebe5
ce11 c1ad c1a55 dabb1e dacca
dada dade da1e da11a5 dead
deaf dea1 debac1e deba5e decade
deca1 decca decea5e deed deface
de11 de11a ea5e ea5e1 ecc1e5
efface effaceab1e e1ba e11a e15e
fab1e facade face fade fa11
fa15e feeb1e feed fee1 fe11
f1ea f1ed f1ee f1eece 1abe1
1ace 1ad1e 1a5e 1a55 1ead
1eaf 1ea5e 1eed5 1e55 1e55ee
5ab1e 5accade 5add1e 5afe 5a1ad
5a1e 5a11e 5cab 5ca1a 5ca1d
5ca1e 5ea1 5ecede 5eeab1e 5eed
5eedbed 5e1f 5e11 51ab 51ed

Additional Words with an 'o'

Without Michaels comment I would have skipped all words that use zero for an o, so I made the following two changes:

hexwords = findwords(hexchars + 'lso')
hexwords = [word.replace('s','5').replace('l','1').replace('o', '0') for word in hexwords]

And created the following extra words:

  ab0de    acc01ade ad0be    a1c0a    a110cab1e
a10e a100f a150 ba1b0a ba550
b10b b10c b100d b0bb1e b0ca
b0de b01d b01dface b01e b010
b05e b055 caca0 c10d c105e
c0a1 c0a1e5ce c0bb c0bb1e c0b01
c0ca c0c0 c0c0a c0da c0dd1e
c0de c0ed c0ffee c01a c01d
c01e c01055a1 c001 c05ec dec0de
d0bb5 d0dd d0d0 d0ff d01ce
d01e d011 d00d1e d05e ec01e
ee0c fa110ff f10c f10e f100d
f0a1 f0ca1 f01d f00d f001
f055 1a05 1a550 10ad 10af
10be 10b0 10ca1 10ca1e 10eb
10e55 101a 1011 1005e 1005e1eaf
105ab1e 105e 1055 0a5e5 0be5e
0b0e 0b5e55 0de55a 0ffa1 0ff10ad
0ff5add1e 01af 00d1e5 0510 5caff01d
5c0ff 5c01d 5eaf00d 510b 510e
50da 50fa 501ace 501d 501e


  1. NOOOOoooooohhhhhh......

    (But Ta)

  2. $ grep -i "^[abcdeflso]*$" /usr/share/dict/words | tr slo 510 | column

    ... just saying :)

  3. (and if you are picky, then replace "grep" with "egrep" and "*" with "{4,}" in the regexp to get only 4+ character words)

    Your dictionary is missing "bobsledded". How unfortunate... as it is quite a long word :)

  4. Andy,
    I can't hate you 'cos at least you used Unix commands :-)

    More power to your Unix-friendly elbow!

  5. Some people stretch things even further, with 0 --> o; 1 --> L or sometimes 1 --> i; 2 --> Z; 3 --> e; 4 --> y; 5 --> s; 6 --> b; 7 --> t; 8 --> B; 9 --> g.
    "For example, leet spellings of the word leet include 1337" -- Wikipedia: leet.

  6. Hi anon. Unfortunately we have to have a dictionary and the one chosen does not contain your two words.



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