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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why Python?

Choose for yourself. Have a look at the examples on the Rosetta Code site. You might like to follow the links to a few pages that I did the task descriptions for as they tend to be meatier tasks, but the examples in different languages should allow you to compare how different languages are used to solve the same problems.

Unfortunately it cannot eliminate the issue of the competence of the individual programmers, but it might provide some useful info.

Have fun :-)


  1. Your post raises an interesting tangent: can language design influence the competence of people using it? Is it reasonable to think about programming languages which encourage their users to learn new and important concepts and techniques which they would probably not otherwise have encountered? If so, how would this work? And, if we can think of ways where this might work, what would that mean for Python? And, if we can figure all that out, are their significant classes of techniques where Python would be a particularly bad, or exceptionally good fit?

  2. I won't go into the meat of your comment Anon, but I think a newly up-and-coming language is likely to attract people who can already program and who are adventurous, first, rather than the total newbie.



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