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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

NAARP - Gangsta style. (No Python whatsoever)

...Or what happens if you put this blog post through the Gizoogle on-line gangsta translater:

No Attempt At Rigorous Proof

I had flu n' so read/skimmed a shitload mo' than usual dis week n' came across two conference vizzlez dat basically holla'd dat there is straight-up lil engineerin n' science up in tha books, papers, n' conference proceedingz of tha software industry up there.
Many hyped and/or well-read authors sheezy lil and no scientific and engineerin rigour up in tha formulation of they conclusions. They is basically sayin "Do dis 'cos I holla'd you would git mo' betta thangs up in dis biatch".

So nuff B-ta-tha-L-O-Gizzay posts is exactly tha same fo' realz. After readin Be neat, n' tha rest will follow I was moved ta make just dat point up in tha comments. It aint nuthin but not dat I don't smoke and disagree wit what tha fuck they is saying, itz just dat I came ta realize what tha fuck was missin from tha B-ta-tha-L-O-Gizzay post.

Now mah crazy ass freestylin long commentz of dis kind of muthafuckin thang ta blogs:

Hmm. Wherez yo' evidence n' scientific method biatch? What you say may well be true but you have no science ta back it up. Yo ass might as well be harpin on on some gangbangin' flat earth!

  • Do you have a impartial n' reproducible tool ta determine neatnizz fo' example?
  • Do others perception of neatnizz coincizzle wit yours?
  • Any emperical statistics ta back up yo' statement?
  • Where is tha graph of neatnizz vs "cost" ta back up what tha fuck yo ass is saying?

Yo ass might be muthafuckin right but you have not shown scientifically dat yo ass is right. Yo ass could be pushin snake oil!

... Is not snappy n' aint likely ta grow so What I be thinkin is needed be a anagram.


If you be thinkin dat a post be all bout tryin ta push you tha dopest way ta do somethang when programmin yo, but tha post makes no attempt ta sheezy you reproducible evidence supportin they claim then just slap a


In tha comments, where NAARP standz for:


If spoken, Naarp is pronounced as if spoken by a hood idiot/ghetto bumpkin. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. I was thankin especially of tha big-ass playa up in Hot fuzz whoz ass says Yaarp fo' yes, n' of Semen Pegg thankin up Naarp when impersonatin his ass ta mean no.

Hopefully it can sheezy dat gangstas can recognise tha lack of scientific method up in tha industry n' maybe nudge authors ta be aware dat they crew is now aware of dis too.

- Peace.

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